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From: Ars Technica Infinite Loop

Los Angeles school district?s iPad project subject of new SEC inquiry
Securities and Exchange Commission wants to know if bond funds were used improperly.

Memo: Apple Watches won?t be available in stores until at least June
Apple removes "April 24" launch date from its site.

After fifteen years, Ars says goodbye to John Siracusa?s OS X reviews
With OS X 10.10, the legend hangs up his OS reviewing hat.


From: MacNN | The Macintosh News Network

Apple now notifying winners of 2015 WWDC ticket lottery
On Friday, lucky recipients started receiving emails that they had been selected at random in a ticket lottery to register for the company's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference in San Francisco, which will start on June 8. The ticket lottery was required due to the incredible growth of Apple's iOS and OS X developer programs, which have nearly-instantly sold out over the last few years, and the company's desire to continue the conference at Moscone West, which allows for a total of 5,350 attendees, not counting press or the 1,000 Apple engineers who will be on hand....

Report: Apple improves revenue for devs over Android in 2015
A new report by analytics firm App Annie has revealed that Apple and Google, as the progenitors of iOS and Android respectively, are locked in a roughly stalemated battle when it comes to revenues from apps versus app downloads. Google's Android enjoys the majority of app downloads, as it has for some time -- but continues to be unable to catch Apple in terms of being able to reward developers for their work. In a set of charts from the analytics firm, Apple's revenue from app sales is about 70 percent higher than Google Play, while Google's downloads outpaced Apple's by 70 percent....

Hands On: Sue Doku 2.0.0 (iOS)
Bad news for fellow addicts of the iPad game Sue Doku: it's been updated, and is now a universal app. You do hear that term a lot, and it often isn't explained, so let us clear that up now: a universal app means Sue Doku is now available on both your iPad and iPhone. Translation: distraction. It's just a sudoku app, we can stop playing any time, but it is a particularly well done one on the iPad, and enough so that we sidled back to our desk to quietly pick up our phones and download it immediately....


From: MacInTouch

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Report: Miscellaneous
20th anniversaries...

Report: Applications
Apple's Photos app (vs. iPhoto and Aperture), along with file-linking tricks, plus image output for DVDs, the availability of non-subscription versions of Adobe apps, Growly Photos, Apple Remote Desktop and VPN connections, DSL speed considerations, Apple architectural changes and issues (including future Macs), Quicken, etc.









While You Were Offline: Star Wars? New Droid BB-8 Wins the Internet
While You Were Offline: Star Wars’ New Droid BB-8 Wins the Internet

This week the Star Wars universe introduced us to a new droid and Hillary Clinton introduced her new logo. The Internet had opinions on both.

The post While You Were Offline: Star Wars’ New Droid BB-8 Wins the Internet appeared first on WIRED.

Is There Any Escape From Game of Thrones Spoilers?
Is There Any Escape From Game of Thrones Spoilers?

HBO's Game of Thrones is on a course to outpace the books. Is there any way readers can avoid spoilers?

The post Is There Any Escape From Game of Thrones Spoilers? appeared first on WIRED.

An Ode to New Horizons
An Ode to New Horizons

New Horizon's first color picture of Pluto and its moon was nothing more than a big dot and a little dot. So why does it resonate so deeply within us?

The post An Ode to New Horizons appeared first on WIRED.


From: Gizmodo

Every Key Detail And Killer Moment From The Batman V. Superman Trailer

It?s finally here ? the first HD footage of the clash between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. We?ve already watched the HD version a half dozen times, but now it?s time to pore over GIFs and screencaps, to catch every detail and all the insane drama. Here?s everything we spotted!


The Best of Gizmodo This Week

Mysterious gaping holes! Superhero skivvies! A really skinny MacBook! GAME OF FUCKING THRONES. Just another week at Gizmodo. Here are the highlights.


George Lucas Wants To Build Affordable Housing on His Skywalker Ranch

Having safely outsourced the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas can focus on his real estate projects. He?s got his museum in Chicago , and now, an affordable housing project proposed for his own Skywalker Ranch. Those who can?t afford San Francisco could live just over the Golden Gate Bridge in what?s otherwise one of the priciest places in California.



From: National Geographic News

A Gray Whale Breaks The Record For Longest Mammal Migration
The female, a member of a critically endangered population, swam across the Pacific from Russia to Mexico.

Why ISIS Hates Archaeology and Blew Up Ancient Iraqi Palace
With a video showing an Assyrian palace's destruction, the Islamic State wants to establish itself as heir to a legacy of "idol destruction."

Famous Cougar That Was Holed Up Under L.A. House Returns to Wild
Cougar made famous by National Geographic photo has spent three years in urban area.


From: BBC News - Science & Environment

'3D Cryosat' tracks Arctic winter ice
Although Arctic sea ice set a record this year for its lowest ever satellite-observed winter extent - that was not the case for its volume, new data reveals.

Demand for rubber 'threatens forests'
The global demand for rubber tyres is threatening protected forests in Southeast Asia, according to a study.

Smart waders go fishing for science
Scientists are developing smartphone-connected waders that fly-fishing enthusiasts could wear to help them find their catch, but also to collect key data about water properties.




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