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Improved Apple Watch SDK will drastically improve third-party apps this fall
Will provide access to sensors and Digital Crown, beta coming just after WWDC.

Beware of the text message that crashes iPhones
Newly discovered iOS bug triggers wave of text messages that causes iDevice reboot.

New OS X beta dumps discoveryd, restores mDNSResponder to fix DNS bugs
Going back to the pre-Yosemite DNS service is one way to fix these problems.


From: MacNN | The Macintosh News Network

Game Replay: Game UK Splatoon robbery, new Evolve arena mode
Welcome to the Game Replay, the twice-weekly look at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN and Electronista. In today's edition, a robbery of a game retailer causes issues for Nintendo's UK Splatoon launch, a new arena mode has been added to Evolve, and the republishing of Iron Brigade by Double Fine....

Pointers: Summer Project E-publishing -- part one, introduction
Self-publishing -- once known as the "vanity press" -- has been around for decades. If you had a burning desire to be a published author, but mysteriously the conventional literary "mafia" couldn't see the value in your heartbreaking work of staggering genius, you could pay to have books created for you in the hopes that this would lead to your "discovery." It rarely worked out that way (until 50 Shades of Gray took that path). With the advent of desktop publishing in the late 1980s and the emergence of e-books into the mainstream more recently, authors can now take much more control over thei...

Briefly: Roboto font now open source, Amazon ebook changes
Roboto, the font used throughout Android, Chrome OS, and a number of other Google products has been made open source. Originally released under the Apache license as part of Android 4.0 in 2011, Google has now made it, and the toolchain used for its creation, into an open source project hosted on Github. Google has also added Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek characters found in Unicode 7.0, with the total number of glyphs increased from approximately 13,000 to more than 40,000 as part of the effort....


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Get discounts on MacBook Air models, iMacs, Retina MacBook Pros, digital cameras, TVs and much, much more at Amazon. *Plus*, while you're saving yourself money, you're simultaneously providing critical support to the MacInTouch website, at no cost to you, just by clicking through our link to make any purchase!

Report: Miscellaneous
20th anniversaries...

Report: Security
iPhone bug that crashes the phone when it receives a particular messages; identity theft right from the IRS; notes on iCloud Keychain and credit card URL changes; issues with domain name (DNS) registration (ICANN WHOIS changes)









Chimpanzee Rights Get a Day in Court
Chimpanzee Rights Get a Day in Court

Lawyers for chimpanzees seeking human rights argued their case in front of a judge for the first time.

The post Chimpanzee Rights Get a Day in Court appeared first on WIRED.

Everything You Need to Know About FIFA?s Corruption Scandal
Everything You Need to Know About FIFA?s Corruption Scandal

This morning, the U.S. Justice Department unsealed a 47-charge induction against executives from soccer's global governing body. Here's what it's all about.

The post Everything You Need to Know About FIFA?s Corruption Scandal appeared first on WIRED.

White House Finally Stands Up to Google (For a Lousy Reason)
White House Finally Stands Up to Google (For a Lousy Reason)

The White House says the Supreme Court should reject Google's appeal of a decision calling APIs copyrightable.

The post White House Finally Stands Up to Google (For a Lousy Reason) appeared first on WIRED.


From: Gizmodo

10 of the most impressive movie sets ever built

The biggest movies are spectacles that can teleport your eyeballs to another world but so much of that is done through green screens and special effects now that it?s important to note when it?s not (or when it?s done really, really impressively digitally). CineFix has come up with 10 of the coolest movie sets that actually existed in real life (or took a helluva impressive time to build).


Perfectly choreographed video moves in ways that break my eyeballs

I can barely keep track of what?s going on in each scene of this video by AXYZM because everyone is moving in such perfectly orchestrated movements that my eyeballs just start spinning trying to keep track. It?s like seeing human kaleidoscopes shift around or mirrored clones mimicking each other.


Video: Injured robots can now adapt and learn how to walk with a limp

One thing us blood pumping humans have over robots is the ability to adapt. For example if we hurt ourselves, we could just walk with a limp and move on. Robots aren?t built like that. They?re programmed to deal with specific situations. Lose a leg and they might move in circles, they can?t always just move on. Not anymore.



From: National Geographic News

6 Pictures Highlight Climber Dean Potter's Extreme Moments
Climber, runner, BASE jumper: athlete Dean Potter continually pushed the boundaries of some of the most extreme sports in the world.

How Dean Potter Reinvented Climbing, Jumping, Flying
The BASE jumper who died over the weekend said facing his fear of falling to his death is what drove him.

Millions of Spiders Rain Down on Australia?Why?
In what's called a mass ballooning, the tiny arachnids used silk strands to catch air currents on their way to a new home.


From: BBC News - Science & Environment

'New species' of ancient human found
A new species of ancient human has been unearthed in the Afar region of Ethiopia, scientists report.

Robots adapt to damage in seconds
Researchers develop robots that adapt to damage in less than a minute, instead of the many hours needed by traditional self-learning systems.

Earliest evidence of human violence
A human skull from a deep cave in northern Spain shows evidence of a lethal violent attack 430,000 years ago, a study shows.




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