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Fix your headphone dongles with iOS 10.0.2
Photos app and app extension bugs also fixed.

Echoes of Amazon as Apple reportedly pursues standalone Siri device
It could also have built-in facial recognition technology to see who's home.

Heading into its second year, the Apple Watch finds its focus
Series 2 and watchOS 3 help realize the original model's potential.


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Goodbye from MacNN, and Managing Editor Mike Wuerthele
This is it. The last unique words on the MacNN homepage, barring some miracle. Hey gang, I'm Mike Wuerthele, and I've been your host here for the last couple of years, so it's only fitting that I'm the one turning off the lights....

Rumor Roundup: Oh yes it is! Oh no it isn't!
As much as we lampoon some of the sillier rumors in this space, we do like taking a peek into the crystal ball of what might happen and picking out our favorites to bet on. As we all know, some of them come true, some of them never do, some may come true someday -- so they're like prayers, in a way -- and there is some fun in handicapping the likelihood of which camp a given rumor will fall. In recent years, the dead zone between the end of WWDC and the announcement of the new hotness(es) in the fall there comes a second "silly season" where analysts, pundits, and other assorted otherwise-unem...

Spotify claims app update rejection by Apple 'raises serious concerns'
Apple is abusing its position as gatekeeper to the App Store by blocking the latest version of Spotify's iOS app, according to a letter allegedly sent from the streaming company to Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell. A report claims Spotify general counsel Horacio Gutierrez is "causing grave harm to Spotify and its customers" by rejecting the iPhone app update, with Apple's billing system being at the heart of the complaint....


From: MacInTouch

Reports: macOS Sierra
a subtle window-alignment feature; iCloud file management problems; ClickToFlash vs. Safari video handling; unwanted face-tracking; installation and boot issues; keyboard glitches; Apple changes, feedback and more

Reports: Applications
Snapz Pro and screen-capture alternatives

Reports: Help Please
Linux Mac installers and troubleshooting









WIRED Pilot Program: I Love Dick
WIRED Pilot Program: I Love Dick
Will you love Jill Soloway's new show? Read on to find out. The post WIRED Pilot Program: I Love Dick appeared first on WIRED.

The Arctic Is Melting, and Fast. But Maybe Data Can Save It
The Arctic Is Melting, and Fast. But Maybe Data Can Save It
A group of 28 nations are meeting in Washington DC to work on better ways to map and track Arctic sea ice loss. The post The Arctic Is Melting, and Fast. But Maybe Data Can Save It appeared first on WIRED.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Trailer: Travel Back in Wizarding Time
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Trailer: Travel Back in Wizarding Time
Newt Scamander tracks down escaped dangerous creatures in a magical 1920s New York. The post Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Trailer: Travel Back in Wizarding Time appeared first on WIRED.


From: Gizmodo

Frank Darabont Says AMC Owes Him $280 Million for The Walking Dead

The latest twist in the lawsuit against AMC by Frank Darabont, who brought them the show that had the highest premiere in the network?s history, is the amount of damages he?s seeking: $280 million.


Nobody Knows What Healthy Food Means (Still)

Do you think you know what ?healthy? food means? Then the FDA would like to hear from you.


The Volkswagen I.D. Is The Electric Future Of Compact Cars With A 373 Mile Range

Volkswagen spent years trying to make diesel as big in America as it was in Europe and other markets. Then it got caught cheating in a very big way. Racked with scandal, fines and lawsuits, the German automaker is now trying to chart a new way forward. This is the rolling electric symbol of that new way, and it?s called the Volkswagen I.D.



From: National Geographic News

Tiny Real-Life Horse of Greek Myth Headed for Extinction
Skyros ponies, thought to have pulled Achilles' legendary chariot, have declined to about 200 animals left on Earth.


From: BBC News - Science & Environment

New safeguards agreed for world's most trafficked mammal
A little known species driven to the edge of extinction by poaching, has gained extra protection at the Cites meeting in South Africa.

Total trade ban for Gibraltar's monkeys agreed
Europe's only non-human primate, the Barbary Macaque, has gained the highest level of protection at the Cites meeting in South Africa.

Grass food crops facing climate change challenge
Projected climate change is set to happen too quickly for grass species, including major food crops, to adapt to the new conditions, a study suggests.




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