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From: Ars Technica Infinite Loop

Apple?s A9X has a 12-core GPU and is made by TSMC
A big GPU is fed by a 128-bit memory interface but not an L3 cache.

Amazon is apparently making a video app for the new Apple TV after all
Apple TVs were pulled from Amazon's pages at the end of October.

My coworkers made me use Mac OS 9 for their (and your) amusement
If you want to appreciate the present, try living in the past for a few days.


From: MacNN | The Macintosh News Network

Studies: iOS dominated online sales over Thanksgiving weekend
Two studies from Custora and Adobe have confirmed that Apple's iOS platform again dominated US mobile e-commerce sales from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, although the total percentage was down slightly from last year. Black Friday sales from mobile devices accounted for a total of nearly 40 percent this year, jumping to 39.3 percent, up five percent. Mobile sales for the entire long weekend made up nearly 32 percent of online orders....

Sonos bringing Apple Music support to speakers in beta December 15
Owners of Sonos speakers will soon be able to play songs from Apple Music through the network-connected audio devices, if they take part in a trial. Support for Apple's streaming music service will start from December 15, though it will apparently be available in a public beta at first, with the speaker producer asking for users register to take part and to supply feedback on it, before it becomes more widely available from early next year....

Customer wins in lawsuit over data loss caused by Apple Store repair
An Apple customer has been successful in suing the company over the loss of photos and contacts stored on an iPhone 5, took in for repairs at a London Apple Store in the United Kingdom. Deric White wanted 5,000 ($7,500) from Apple for the deletion of the photographs, which were wiped when a Genius Bar employee at the Regent Street store looked at the device, with White receiving 1,200 ($1,800) in compensation for the loss and 770 ($1,100) in court costs....


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Wikipedia Deploys AI to Expand Its Ranks of Human Editors
Wikipedia Deploys AI to Expand Its Ranks of Human Editors

Using artificial intelligence to check Wikipedia entries' quality might seem to mean less work for humans. But it's meant to get more humans to stick around.

The post Wikipedia Deploys AI to Expand Its Ranks of Human Editors appeared first on WIRED.

Amazing Micrographs Show What Cells Really Look Like
Amazing Micrographs Show What Cells Really Look Like

The photos in this gallery show the tiny building blocks of life in rich, strange detail.

The post Amazing Micrographs Show What Cells Really Look Like appeared first on WIRED.

Mazda?s Confusing Plan to Resurrect the Famously Dirty Rotary Engine
Mazda’s Confusing Plan to Resurrect the Famously Dirty Rotary Engine

In an age where efficiency is king and carbon emissions are the devil, why is Mazda talking about bringing back the rotary engine?

The post Mazda’s Confusing Plan to Resurrect the Famously Dirty Rotary Engine appeared first on WIRED.


From: Gizmodo

There's a New Form of Carbon That's Harder Than Diamond

Researchers have discovered a new form of carbon structure, called Q-carbon, that?s harder than diamond and allows artificial versions of the precious stone to be made at room temperature and pressure.


Christmas Lights Might Slow Down Your Wi-Fi

Did your Netflix stream grind to a halt as your loved one set up the Christmas decorations? According to British telecoms watchdog Ofcom, it could be the fairy lights that slow down your Wi-Fi network at this time of year.


Websites Are Being Sued For Infringing an HTTPS Encryption Patent

A number of companies, including AT&T, Netflix and Yahoo, are being sued because their websites are said to use a version of HTTPS that infringes a patent relating to encryption.



From: National Geographic News

Stunning Images Win Conservation Photo Contest
The winners of the Por el Planeta competition show the impact of man on wildlife.

How Billionaires Gates, Bezos and Zuckerberg Could Boost Clean Energy
The founders of Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook launch a new group to tackle climate change. Their ideas include delivery drones, advanced nuclear reactors, and solar paint.


From: BBC News - Science & Environment

Charles: 'We must save our forests'
Prince Charles says forest protection is starting to be taken seriously at the UN climate conference in Paris, but too many companies are turning a blind eye

Bid to drill deep inside Earth
Scientists set out this week to drill a hole into the Indian Ocean floor to try to get below the Earth's crust for the first time, testing theories about the make-up of the crust on the way down.

Japanese whaling ships depart for hunt
Japanese whaling ships depart for the Antarctic hunt, after a one year pause, despite international opposition.




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