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iPhones and profits up, iPads down for Apple in Q2 of 2014 [Updated]
Apple beats its guidance, but it isn't growing like it used to.

In progress: Apple?s Q2 2014 earnings call happens at 5pm EDT today
A quiet quarter for Apple is expected to yield mostly flat results.

Apple users left exposed to serious threats for weeks, former employee says
Patch delay comes two months after previous lapse for critical "goto fail" fix.


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Deal potentially reached in Silicon Valley anti-employee poaching suit
According to court filings before the Northern District of California, Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe have made a settlement offer to conclude the antitrust investigation against the quartet, as expected earlier this month. The four tech companies were accused of conspiring to not poach each others vital employees to prevent escalating salaries and employee demands....

Trademark filings hint at possible future names for OS X
Apple is using at least two shell companies to secure trademarks on future names for OS X, reports claim. On the same day in early December, two firms -- Yosemite Research LLC and Coast Research LLC -- are said to have filed for US trademarks on several California-related names. The former applied for "Yosemite," "Redwood, "and "Mammoth," while Coast pursued "California," "Big Sur," and "Pacific."...

Briefly: Opera Coast for iPhone, Prong PWR iPhone case
Opera Software has released an iPhone version of its WebKit-based browser, Opera Coast. An iPad version was released last September, initially optimizing the browser for touchscreens. Users can begin a search by using a pulling down gesture on the home screen, bringing up an input interface with an icon-based autofill for sites previously visited. Navigation between pages can be executed by a swipe, with websites displayed on the iPhone's full screen. Opera Coast features a small toolbar on the bottom that includes a visual grid (that can can consists of multiple screens) of saved websites, wi...


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support for this website!

Report: Adobe
alternative software and the cloud subscription/control model; plus performance issues with multi-core processing and emulation/Rosetta; and document formats vs. license deactivation



Create a Fusion Drive with a Recovery Partition
There are many step-by-step guides on the internet that explain how to add an SSD to an existing Mac, and create a 'Fusion Drive' that has the speed of an SSD, but also the capacity of a Hard Drive. All these guides fall short in one way that was important to me.

Creating the Fusion Drive the way these walkthroughs say (including OWC's exceptional guides), destroys the Recovery Partition that exists on the drive. Without a Recovery Partition, you cannot enable FileVault2, and will need some other external boot drive if you ever need to perform maintenance on your internal drives. For a laptop computer that might be far from home, not having a Recovery Partition was unacceptable to me. Also note that if you buy a Mac from Apple today with Fusion Drive, it DOES come with a Recovery Partition, so it is indeed possible to do.

It turns out that Apple's Core Storage technology is more flexible than these walkthroughs give on. You can enroll an individual partition of a ...

Using Time Machine on unsupported volumes
I wanted to use Time Machine on my exFAT hard drive, but turns out that these volumes aren't supported from Time Machine! There is a very simple way to use Time Machines on unsupported hard drives, as long as you follow these instructions carefully you shouldn't have any issues at all.

First, connect the unsupported volume (in this case, an exFAT external hard drive.) When it mounts, open the Terminal and type these commands, substituting 'My External HDD Name' for the name of the unsupported volume.

cd /Volumes
cd 'My External HDD Name'

Next, type this code, substituting for your needs:

hdiutil create -size 320g -type SPARSEBUNDLE -fs "HFS+J" MacBook-Backup.sparsebundle
open MacBook-Backup.sparsebundle

Here, a 320GB sparse bundle named 'MacBook-Backup' is being made and mounted. You can change these values as you see fit. From herein, I'll refer to the sparse bundle name as 'MacBook-Backup'. ...

10.8: AppleScript to close iCal Alerts
I'd just installed OS X 10.8, and booted to find the right side of my screen covered in Birthday and Calendar notifications! Since installing I've clicked 'Close' on way too many iCal notification alerts.

Here's a script to close them all for you in one fell swoop. Since I still want iCal to popup a Notification alert for event alarms I've set, I don't want to simply disable all the iCal notifications (or set them to temporary banner alerts).

However, it still occurs that sometimes a small pile of alerts have accrued while I was away from the computer, and I really hate hitting 'Close' a bunch of times.

So, followng is a script to simply close all the piled-up Notification Alerts. The script was put together using these two webpages for inspiration: (most of the nice code comes from here) and ...







Facebook Invests in the Future of Wearables With Fitness App Acquisition
Facebook already tracks your every move online. Now, with the acquisition of the fitness app, Moves, it wants to track your workouts, too.

Can You Slow Down a Day Using Angular Momentum?
Could a spinning human slow down the Earth? Theoretically, yes. But in practice, the amount of spin you'd have to give would be so monstrous that it is nearly impossible.

Remote Control for Your Credit Card Protects You From Theft
It's been a banner year for credit card thieves. That's why one startup wants to give credit card users full control over when, where, and how their cards are used.


From: Gizmodo

How Boomboxes Got So Badass

How Boomboxes Got So Badass

Bomboxes are, by definition, excessive. With their deafening bass thud and dazzling chrome dials, these electric beasts are heavy enough to tone your biceps. Also known as "ghetto blasters" or "jamboxes," they rose to fame in the 1980s along with hip-hop, flourishing as a tool for sharing and mixing the latest beats. Yet despite their widespread popularity, the innovators who conceived of these devices are still largely unknown, consigned to anonymity by the corporations that manufactured their creations.


See One of America's Most Iconic Buildings Get Engulfed In Fake Fog

See One of America's Most Iconic Buildings Get Engulfed In Fake Fog

Veil, by Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya, is the latest creative installation at Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut. For ten minutes every hour, the iconic structure disappears behind a big billowing fog until the mist dissipates and whaddya know?there it is again!


Watch GE Gleefully and Awesomely Destroy Dozens of Random Objects

Watch GE Gleefully and Awesomely Destroy Dozens of Random Objects

Remember General Electric's incredible cadre of of machines that exist solely to destroy things ? Well, they've been using them to destroy things like teapots and baseballs and watches just for fun?and the resulting videos are amazing.



From: National Geographic News

Odds of NYC Flooding During a Storm Up 20-Fold
New study documents rising storm surges since the mid-19th century.

The 163-million-year-old Kryptodrakon pushes back the evolution of the ancient flying reptiles by five million years, a new study says.

Conflicting Reports on Whether Everest Is Open as Outfitters Pull Out
Nepali officials say Mount Everest is not closed, but teams are departing out of respect for the Sherpas.


From: BBC News - Science & Environment

Mystery of dazzling supernova solved
An exceptionally bright supernova that baffled scientists has been explained - its light is amplified by another galaxy acting as a "lens".

Blood 'is not from headless king'
An elaborately decorated gourd thought to contain the blood of French King Louis XVI may not be authentic, scientists say.

UK team to shoot for fusion record
The director of a UK science facility says it could set a new world record in nuclear fusion by the end of the decade.




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