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Rumor suggests Apple is working on its own reversible USB cable
New Lightning cable design would be compatible with current USB Type-A ports.

Apple issues diversity report, but how do Apple Store numbers figure?
Higher percentages of Hispanic, black, female workers may be thanks to retail.

$324.5 million anti-poaching settlement from Apple, Google rejected
District judge says settlement "falls below the range of reasonableness."


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AAPL closes at 52-week high, approaches all-time record
Apple's stock closed on Tuesday with a new 52-week high, and at one point in the day threatened to top its all-time highest stock price (based on straight split-adjustment). It officially closed at $100.53, not far from its all-time split-adjusted high of $100.72, though it hit $100.68 in intra-day trading. The company's valuation also rose to a market cap of $602 billion....

Briefly: Genius HS-920BT headphones, Tylt Syncable-Duo cable
Genius announced a new set of stereo headphones today, giving consumers another option in the world of Bluetooth listening devices. The HS-920BT on-ear headphones feature 40mm drivers with a sensitivity of 116dB, an impedance of 32ohms and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. Controls are placed on right ear cup, giving users control over volume, tracks and receiving phone calls. Power is provided by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery....

RootMetrics: Verizon top carrier in performance, speed, reliability
A new study of wireless carriers for the first half emerged today, putting Verizon at the top of the pile in five categories, marking it as the best overall carrier in the United States. Market research firm RootMetrics announced its findings, showing that Verizon was the best carrier in reliability, speed, data performance and call performance....


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Support for this website!

Report: Apple
software update issues and workarounds, as Apple pushes new update mechanisms and makes old ones difficult to use



Mousecape – Customize Cursors on OS X
Mousecape is a new open source Mac App which is available on GitHub to finally allow you to create and use your own mouse cursors, or 'capes' as the app calls them.

Once you download the app, there is a remastered version of the Svanslös cursor set created by Max Rudberg which is retina-screen ready.

Mousecape is as non-instrusive as possible, never asking you for your password for anything. It works by using private APIs created by Apple to register system cursors so it has no performance hit at all.

Capes, or cursor sets, are applied for as long as display state doesn't change, meaning until you change resolution, monitors, sleep your computer, reboot or logout. However, inside of the application is a helper application that will detect when the cape is reset and will apply it again.

Mousecape is available for free, open source and with no obligations. ...

Make iWork 09 the default and avoid update nagging
Many people continue to use iWork 09 apps, because they contain features missing in the newer versions. However, having the older apps on your system mean a constant nagging from Apple to update to the newer versions. If you do download the newer versions, then it is impossible to make the older apps the default for your documents. The old Get Info » Change All trick doesn't work.

Here's what to do to remedy that.

First, make a backup. Then install the latest iWork apps. Your older versions get moved to a subfolder called iWork 09. That's why you have the backup.

Next, move the NEW apps to an external disk or other partition. You can then restore the 09 apps to the /Applications folder. Or leave them in the subfolder if you prefer.

Having the apps on different volume from the system disk lowers their priority, so the 09 apps in your /Applications folder remain the defaults for your documents. What is more, any fu ...

10.9: Update OS without creating a user on a new Mac
This is my take/an update on las_vegas' hint I found here awhile back for running OS updates without creating a user on a Mac. It is applicable to any system 10.5 and up.

This can be helpful if you have a Time Machine backup that's on a newer OS than your install media, or if you're selling/donating your Mac as it saves the new user having to update things.

First things first, wipe your drive (and zero it if you don't trust the end user of this computer) and reinstall your desired OS.

Once your OS is installed, boot to your install media or the Recovery Partition if available. Open Terminal from the Utilities option in the menubar. In the new Terminal window, type the following:

This will bring up the Password Reset utility. Click Macintosh HD or whatever your HDD is called. You'll notice the only user account that's avail ...







Why Uber Just Hired Obama?s Campaign Guru
Getting any startup off the ground is difficult, but things are particularly dicey when governments across the globe are working to make your app illegal. Such is the challenge facing Uber. Each time it spreads to a new city, it faces a new front in its politically charged battle to undermine local taxi monopolies in […]

What?s Up With That: How the Weather Forecaster Knows What It ?Feels Like? in Your City
How does the meteorologist know what the temperature feels like to me and you?

Huge Tournament Celebrates End of Oakland?s Bizarre 80-Year Pinball Ban
Residents of this Bay Area city probably didn't imagine they were breaking the law every time they sidled up to a Bally machine and played the silver ball.


From: Gizmodo

Uber Launches Corner Store, A Same-Day Delivery Service In D.C.

Uber Launches Corner Store, A Same-Day Delivery Service In D.C.

Let's face it, same-day deliveries right to your front door are expensive. Amazon's throwing money at it. So is Google , and smaller players like Instacart and Postmates. The latest player in the game? Uber.


Twitter Will Remove Images Of The Deceased At The Request Of Family

Twitter Will Remove Images Of The Deceased At The Request Of Family

Right after Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda Williams, was bullied off Twitter after her father's death, Twitter promised to do?something to improve its policies. Less than a week later, the social network has taken its first steps in that direction.


Artist speed paints a painting you can't see until the very last second

Artist speed paints a painting you can't see until the very last second

Speed painting can be purposefully misleading but it's always fun to have your brain pump in that delayed "Ohhhh" reaction once you realize what's going on. You feel like a complete idiot with your mouth open until you see it. And even then, you're not completely sure it's not sorcery.



From: National Geographic News

Jerusalem Zoo Struggles to Remain Common Ground for Israelis, Palestinians
Surrounded by war, Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo is an island of sanity in a complicated reality.

If You Think the Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained
As drought ravages surface water supplies, we're pumping groundwater to save us. And it will?for a while.

Coal-Dependent Arkansas Faces Stiff Emissions Target and a Running Clo
Under a proposed EPA rule, state officials will have to cut carbon emissions by nearly 45 percent?one of the highest targets in the country.


From: BBC News - Science & Environment

Tree-hugging snakes put safety first
For the first time, biologists measure the force applied by climbing snakes and find that they squeeze up to five times harder than necessary.

Camouflage sheet inspired by octopus
Basing their work on the techniques used by octopuses and cuttlefish, US engineers have produced a flexible, colour-changing material.

Iceland raises volcano alert level
The risk of an eruption at Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano has increased, as well as the risk level to the aviation industry, meteorologists say.




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