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Mini-review: Apple?s new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2
Accessories are great additions to the new iMacs, but pricey standalone upgrades.

Apple announces 21.5-inch Retina iMac with 4K display, better color gamut
Some non-Retina models remain, but all get a Broadwell update.

Same design, new insides, better screen: 21.5-inch 4K Retina iMac reviewed
Fusion Drives desperately need to be standard, but otherwise this is a nice Mac.


From: MacNN | The Macintosh News Network

Forums: new iMacs, El Capitan comments and more
Today with the updates to the iMac lineup and highly anticipated Retina 21.5-inch iMac, MacNN forum goers are quick to start discussing the changes to both the 21 and 27-inch models in the thread titled "New iMacs." Forum members are still talking about the latest update to Mac OS X that has been dubbed El Capitan....

Apple deals: up to $180 off MacBook Air
This week at Apple's online store, save up to $180 on current generation refurbished MacBook Air models, with prices starting as low as $759 for the refurbished 11.6-inch MacBook Air with a 1.6GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of flash storage, now $759. A $150 price drop is offered on the refurbished 13.3-inch MacBook Air with a 1.6GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, now $849....

Daily Deals: $65 Brother printer, 50-inch HDTV, Disney Infinity 3.0
Welcome to today's installment of Daily Deals, the post where the staff of MacNN scours online retailers for discounts, bundles, sales, and discounts on hardware, software, games, and gadgets for you, the discerning reader. The new sales joining the still-alive deals include a Brother laser printer and extra toner for $65, a 50-inch Sceptre HDTV for $350, and the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Star Wars: Rise Against The Empire play set for $25....


From: MacInTouch

Get discounts on MacBook Air models, iMacs, Retina MacBook Pros, digital cameras, TVs and much, much more at Amazon. *Plus*, while you're saving yourself money, you're simultaneously providing critical support to the MacInTouch website, at no cost to you, just by clicking through our link to make any purchase!

Report: El Capitan
Apple Mail bugs, FileMaker compatibility, auto-correct problems, startup issues, fonts, Citrix Safari issues, printing, startup difficulties and more

Report: Security
ad blockers and malvertising, Verizon's zombie cookie tracking, hacking attacks on mail servers from Google Cloud systems









Snapchat Finds Out Creativity Isn?t as Easy as It Looks
Snapchat Finds Out Creativity Isn’t as Easy as It Looks

Snapchat has killed Snap Channel, its original content operation, opting instead to outsource to all the creators already making stuff. Content ain't easy.

The post Snapchat Finds Out Creativity Isn’t as Easy as It Looks appeared first on WIRED.

A New Way for Tech Firms to Fight Orders to Unlock Devices
A New Way for Tech Firms to Fight Orders to Unlock Devices

A federal magistrate in New York declined to fall in step with the government's demand to access an Apple device seized by investigators, fanning the flames of a national debate.

The post A New Way for Tech Firms to Fight Orders to Unlock Devices appeared first on WIRED.

After the Crunch, One Startup Strikes A Little Bit of Gold
After the Crunch, One Startup Strikes A Little Bit of Gold

Last year WIRED made Boomtrain the poster startup for the "Series A crunch." Today, for Boomtrain at least, the crunch is over.

The post After the Crunch, One Startup Strikes A Little Bit of Gold appeared first on WIRED.


From: Gizmodo

How To Maximize Your Battery Life in OS X El Capitan

If your laptop is running out of juice more often than you?re finding yourself near a power source, you?ve got yourself a problem. While there are no new features in Apple?s new desktop operating system designed specifically to improve battery life, there are some tried and trusted methods you can use.


Meanwhile in the Future: One Agency Controls All Border Crossings

Every time you go from one country to the next, you cross a border. And that usually means dealing with some kind of border agency that enforces each country?s idiosyncratic rules and regulations. But what if the whole process were standardized and run by a single organization?


Time Capsule Found at 1950s Mental Hospital, Contains Film With Message For the Future

Construction crews in Indiana were shocked to discover a time capsule from 1958 at a former mental hospital. The most exciting part? It contains a film with a message to the future?a message about electroshock therapy and psychiatric drugs.



From: National Geographic News

An Isolated Tribe Is Emerging From Peru?s Amazonian Wilderness
After years of sporadic, sometimes deadly interactions with people along the Alto Madre de Dios River, a Mashco-Piro clan has suddenly stepped up contact.

This Power Plant Set Out to Prove Coal Can Be Clean. Did It Work?
Canada's Boundary Dam is getting promising results on carbon capture, but success is hardly a guarantee for similar projects.

This Week?s Night Sky: Ghostly Lights, Celestial Triangles
For your viewing pleasure, an optical illusion 550 years in the making.


From: BBC News - Science & Environment

Wolf hunters deployed to French Alps
A team of wolf-hunters is operating in a region of the French Alps to kill wolves that are seen as a threat to livestock.

Poorest farmers 'need helping hand'
Society must offer the world's poorest farmers a helping hand in order to break the cycle of poverty, a key United Nations report concludes.

Brain map makes stable 'fingerprint'
Neuroscientists say they can distinguish between individuals using a map of how different brain regions "pair up" in brain activity scans.




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