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Snowden designs device to warn when an iPhone is ratting out users
"Introspection Engine" might one day work with wide variety of smartphones.

OS X 10.11.6 and iOS 9.3.3 released as Apple?s current OSes wind down
Apple's current OSes go into maintenance mode as new major releases loom.

Learning to code as a 30-year-old kid with Apple?s Swift Playgrounds
A guided tour of the app and a chat with the team at Apple about its goals.


From: MacNN | The Macintosh News Network

Goodbye from MacNN, and Managing Editor Mike Wuerthele
This is it. The last unique words on the MacNN homepage, barring some miracle. Hey gang, I'm Mike Wuerthele, and I've been your host here for the last couple of years, so it's only fitting that I'm the one turning off the lights....

Rumor Roundup: Oh yes it is! Oh no it isn't!
As much as we lampoon some of the sillier rumors in this space, we do like taking a peek into the crystal ball of what might happen and picking out our favorites to bet on. As we all know, some of them come true, some of them never do, some may come true someday -- so they're like prayers, in a way -- and there is some fun in handicapping the likelihood of which camp a given rumor will fall. In recent years, the dead zone between the end of WWDC and the announcement of the new hotness(es) in the fall there comes a second "silly season" where analysts, pundits, and other assorted otherwise-unem...

Spotify claims app update rejection by Apple 'raises serious concerns'
Apple is abusing its position as gatekeeper to the App Store by blocking the latest version of Spotify's iOS app, according to a letter allegedly sent from the streaming company to Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell. A report claims Spotify general counsel Horacio Gutierrez is "causing grave harm to Spotify and its customers" by rejecting the iPhone app update, with Apple's billing system being at the heart of the complaint....


From: MacInTouch

Google Chrome Security Patches
The Google web browser gets high-priority security patches in a new version.

Chromium Security Patches
The open source web browser project gets high-priority security patches .

Hands Off
This Mac security app, which monitors and manages access from each application to your network and storage, gets an update for OS X 10.11.6.









Mining Black Hole Collisions for Hints of the Elusive Axion
Mining Black Hole Collisions for Hints of the Elusive Axion
The physicist Asimina Arvanitaki is thinking up ways to search gravitational wave data for evidence of dark matter particles orbiting black holes. The post Mining Black Hole Collisions for Hints of the Elusive Axion appeared first on WIRED.

There?s a Trailer for the New Blair Witch Movie! Wait, What?
There’s a Trailer for the New Blair Witch Movie! Wait, What?
It's a sequel! But not the original sequel. Also, it has the same name? We're just as surprised as you are. The post There's a Trailer for the New Blair Witch Movie! Wait, What? appeared first on WIRED.

Comic-Con Hath Blessed Us With an American Gods Trailer
Comic-Con Hath Blessed Us With an American Gods Trailer
From Neil Gaiman's book to Bryan Fuller's direction to your TV screen. Amen. The post Comic-Con Hath Blessed Us With an American Gods Trailer appeared first on WIRED.


From: Gizmodo

Counterpoint: Powerless Has Laughs and Some Serious Comic Knowledge, Too

I was skeptical about Powerless when I first heard about it, not the least of which because it sounded like a rip-off of Damage Control, created by the late, beloved Dwayne McDuffie. Plus, Katharine didn?t much seem to care for the pilot . But after watching the first episode of the upcoming NBC series myself, I was totally charmed by its clever continuity references and superhero-centric humor.


Kickass Torrents Clones Are Going to Keep Appearing, Aren't They?

Yes, yes they will. If you absolutely have to get movies and books for free, make sure you?re doing it responsibly.


These Are The Programs ISIS Uses To Remain Anonymous Online

There?s a big push among ISIS members to enhance technical knowledge, specifically of software that could be used to counteract surveillance. According to a new report released Friday, discussion among jihadist forums proliferates the circulation of manuals and tutorials on how to use VPNs, proxy services, and other tools, and keeps up to date on the latest in software.



From: National Geographic News

Wildlife Dying En Masse as South American River Runs Dry
The Pilcomayo River in Paraguay is littered with dead caiman and fish carcasses as the government scrambles to find a solution.

Colorful, Venomous Lizard Is Declining Due to Climate Change
This symbol of the Southwest already lives at its limits in terms of water, while development is also taking a toll.


From: BBC News - Science & Environment

Rare bog butterfly flutters back from brink
A small bog in Lancashire is once again home to a rare species of butterfly, for the first time in 100 years.

Drought 'shuts down Amazon carbon sink'
A recent drought shut down the Amazon Basin's carbon sink by killing trees and slowing trees' growth rates, a first-of-its-kind study shows.

Super-hard metal 'four times tougher than titanium'
A super-hard metal is made in the laboratory by melting together titanium and gold.




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