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From: Infinite Loop ? Ars Technica

FaceTime, iMessages hang in the balance after Apple loss to patent troll
Kill these services because of "lost sales and reputational harm," VirnetX says.

Apple pulls iOS 9.3.2 update for 9.7-inch iPad Pro after reports of bricking
"Error 56" message can't be fixed with an iTunes restore.

Apple says game about Palestinian child isn?t a game [Updated]
iPhone maker suggests title would be a better fit in "News" or "Reference"


From: MacNN | The Macintosh News Network

Freebie Friday: Get a pile of design assets and Octagon for free
Everyone likes getting something for nothing, especially when there's no or relatively few catches. Freebie Friday is the post where the MacNN staff find stuff that you can get, and possibly make use of this weekend, without spending a single penny. The freebies this time include Octagon from the App Store and a collection of fonts, images, and other assets that could be extremely helpful for designers....

Reports claim Jawbone moving away from speakers, fitness trackers
Jawbone may be looking to streamline its operations, with separate rumors claiming two very different parts of the company may be on the chopping block. One rumor claims Jawbone has ceased production of its fitness trackers and sold its remaining inventory to a reseller, while another report insists that it is selling its speaker business, in order to redistribute its resources and focus on its health and wearables business....

Verizon, unions reach 'agreement in principle' to end wireline strike
Verizon and striking Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union members have reached an "agreement in principle" which may end the month-long strike. If the deal is signed, the 35,000 picketers may return to work as soon as next week....


From: MacInTouch

Report: El Capitan
compatibility issues between Mac OS X 10.6 and OS X 10.10, along with related disk formatting and partitioning details, plus problems with Apple Messages and details about display gamma and color calibration

Report: Airport
software, hardware and intermittent problems

Report: Applications
Apple Photos vs. iPhoto; Shotcut, VideoPad









SpaceX Releases Rockets-Eye View of Yesterday?s Landing
A time lapse, from the edge of space to the Earth's surface. The post SpaceX Releases Rockets-Eye View of Yesterday's Landing appeared first on WIRED.

The Economic Lessons of Star Trek?s Money-Free Society
The Economic Lessons of Star Trek’s Money-Free Society
In the latest 'Geek's Guide to the Galaxy' podcast, writer Manu Saadia discusses what we can learn about post-money life from the 'Star Trek' franchise. The post The Economic Lessons of Star Trek's Money-Free Society appeared first on WIRED.

Xiaomi?s Cheap New Drone Achieves Impulse-Buy Airspace
Xiaomi’s Cheap New Drone Achieves Impulse-Buy Airspace
It's a lot of drone for a (relatively) little price. The post Xiaomi's Cheap New Drone Achieves Impulse-Buy Airspace appeared first on WIRED.


From: Gizmodo

Here's A 4-Pack Of LED Light Bulbs For Under $5

These Philips A19 bulbs aren?t just the most popular light bulbs we?ve ever listed, they?re one of the most popular non-Amazon deals we?ve ever posted. Today you can grab a 4-pack for under $5, until they sell out anyway, which definitely beats out the previous discounts we?ve seen.


Today's Best Deals: Cold Brew, Eneloops, Beach Chairs, Hammocks

Homemade cold brew, multiple Eneloop Power Packs to choose from, and hammocks and beach chairs are just the start of today?s best deals.


NASA Finally Inflates Its New Space House After Botched Attempt

After NASA?s lackluster attempt on Thursday to inflate BEAM, an expandable activity module, it had considerably more success today.



From: National Geographic News

Hyena Myths Busted: Are They Really Hermaphrodites?
If ever an animal needed rebranding, it?s the hyena?a strong, smart animal that's often misunderstood.


From: BBC News - Science & Environment

DNA 'tape recorder' to trace cell history
Researchers invent a DNA "tape recorder" that can trace the family history of every cell in a body.

Geologists revisit giant Zion landslide
US scientists produce their most precise date yet for the colossal landslide that shaped the big red canyon running through what is now Zion National Park.

Flexi-space room expansion suspended
A halt is called to the deployment of a new, expandable "room" on the International Space Station when it fails to open up as expected.




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